Eye Candy

No matter where I am, I love the markets.  This is a special treat when you are in Italy.  Enjoy.


We’re Baaaack!

Whew and what a time it was!

OK, it started with a letdown with the airline phoning the day before that the 6 a.m. flight was pushed to 12 noon. I’m an early riser so getting up at 3:30 a.m. didn’t pose a problem, but losing a day – which is what it amounted to by leaving at noon – was not such happy news.

Weather was great and as we stood on the curb waiting for our ride, I boldly removed my lined raincoat and handed it to a neighbor for safe keeping. This left me with a raincoat folded in my suitcase and the wool sweater I was wearing.

Ride, check-in, flight were unremarkable and we finally landed in ROME! Sunshine greeted us and it was still sunny afternoon as we made our way into the city.

Although we tried to pack light with room to spare for things acquired in Rome, we ended up juggling two pieces of luggage and handbag. Made it to the B&B smoothly, rang the bell but there was no response. The sign by the bell instructed us to phone Paolo at the number given and he would be here in 5 minutes. So we did. I’ve used the waiting time to describe in great detail the tall, dark and handsome Paolo we were about to see. A sight for sore eyes if my memory from last year serves me right.

Time passed and a tap on the shoulder followed by a cheery ‘ciao’ made me turn expectantly. Had to adjust my gaze as there was noone to look up to – instead there was a rather plain looking, although very friendly face somewhere below shoulder level. He introduced himself as Paolo – to which I wanted to say, ‘no you are not’. I did risk saying that I did not remember him from last year – he agreed and said whom I was thinking of is Pierpaolo and he was at the other facility.

What this year’s Paolo lacked in looks he certainly made up for in character.

The Excitement Mounts

This entire last week was spent with the preoccupation of counting how many more nights’ sleep before we set out on our annual trip to my beloved Roma!

Websites checked for news, weather, restaurants, train and bus schedules, request sent ahead for the purchase of postage stamps (saving us the adventure of sign language at the post office) and information requested about current local street markets in the mornings where we can enjoy the local custom and freshest fruits and veggies…..Let’s see, have I missed anything?

Now to the packing of the suitcase. Taking as little as possible – rain coat only with layers of clothing that will make it easy to accomodate the varying temperatures. Last year was glorious – rained on the day of arrival and departure with balmy, sunny weather in-between. A special gift from this magical city.

Don’t know if you’ve ever been to Rome (despite the fact that ‘all roads lead to’), but if you have you’ll understand the excitement. Even the air is different there – full of life, beauty, energy and sensuality. This is not a place to come with a rigid plan – (you already know that attitude) will only serve to disappoint you no matter where you are. In Rome, do as the Romans. It worked for them and they have a life loving, easy going attitude.

Leave your jewelry and attitude at home – bring common sense, sense of humor and adventure. Even if you travel on a budget – you can enjoy this wonderful city. All you need is a clean and safe place to sleep anyway and you can find those relatively inexpensively if you are persistant in your search.

Do take care and purchase transportation tickets and/or passes as it makes sightseeing convenient, inexpensive and you won’t worry about being caught and penalized for riding without a ticket.

Stazione Centrale is a place you will come to know as trains/busses from the airport arrive here as well as this is the major local bus terminal dispensing busses into all directions of the city. You want adventure? Pick one and take a ride. You won’t get lost because your ticket is good for an hour (for 1 Euro) and the bus will bring you back where you started from. You see something along the way that you like? Great, get off the bus – then get back on. What better way to see the real city – go where the people who live here go.

A few more things to do today so I won’t go on. Two more days of work, a long list of “to-do’s” and lots of daydreaming.